CrossFit is about coming together with like minded individuals to achieve fitness goals. Why do we use this word community all the time? Community is about walking through the door and being welcomed from day one. You chose to test out CrossFit and therefore you are our new favorite person in the world. We once walked through those doors and had our first free trial class as well (and we have not forgotten what it was like). We remember being intimidated by the movements and the heavy weights. But, then we remember that first person to come welcome us with a big smile. Or the first person to encourage us to keep intensity even though they had just met us. We remember the first time a coach said something to is that clicked and helped us during a workout or lift. So start down the path, get outside your comfort zone and CrossFit Rock Hill will do the rest.

Is CrossFit for everyone?

CrossFit is built on the idea that each individual no matter their starting point can begin their journey toward achieving wellness and fitness. While everyone may have a different starting points all workouts can be perfectly tailored to each individual. Your journey can start with one small step at a time.